E. Costello : I believe in what does not need to believe in me.──J. M. Coetzee



One Day I Will Write About This Place』のなかでワイナイナは、1998年にケープタウンに住んでいたころの、あるシーンをこんなふうに記す。

 So, I am sitting in this taxi, floating. The two white women are saying, "Oh, oh. It's so so beautiful, this new Brenda Fassie song." Not a word in English in this first real corssover song in a new South Africa.
  It's the way the song begins ── a church organ, playing on a scratchy old record, a childhood memory of a sound, for the briefest moment, then come her first few words, slurred like she is drunk and far away, the path ── delivered in a soft, childlike candor, and for the next few sounds, we are left alone with her voice, pleading to us softly, vul'indlela, let me in. (p175)