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わたしはクッツェーという作家について考える時、何度もこのインタビューにもどる。南アフリカという土地と、彼のオリジンであるヨーロッパ文化と、クッツェーとの関係を知るための原点に近い。「美しさと慰め On Beuty and Consolation」

以下はこのビデオに含まれているクッツェーの発言( J.C.Kannemeyer からの引用:ちなみにカンネメイヤーの伝記には、このTVは2002年となっているが、オランダで初めて放映されたのは2000年)。

The peculiar cruelty and horror of apartheid was the very un-African aspect of it, a very rigid and ordered and in a sense European derived system imposed on a country and society to which it was really petrifying. And its horror was all the more because it seemed an absurd rerun in Africa of what the Nazis had done in Europe. It seemed a farcical repetition of a history of what then ought to have been obsolete. So you look here at a continent which is prolific of life and where life is cheap and always was cheap, but not in that way, not in a manner of systemized cruelty and extinction. So that has been the peculiar hideousness of the past half-century. In a country and on a continent which is not perhaps beautiful on the human scale, but [...] beautiful in a wild and grand and impressive manner. It is the contrast between the particular ugly, banal, systematic, cruel horror in an environment which is so huge and so lavishly beautiful. (Kannemeyer, p211)